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Radio Saathi is a self-paced, self-taught training kit for beginners in Community Radio (CR) Stations. It aims to cover the fundamental principles of CR functioning and also describes the dos and don’ts of the National CR Policy (2006). It is designed in an interactive video format to enable better learning and also engage the user in a playful method.

It essentially has two sections, namely, topic modules and CR station profile. The modules cover the following topics with a goal to orient a user: 1. Introduction to Community Radio 2. Choice of Topic and Radio Formats 3. Radio Programme Production 4. Post-Production (Editing) 5. Broadcasting & Narrowcasting 6. Radio Station Management

Features for Individuals:

The app has content in video format, hence making it literacy neutral The app allows multiple users to login and enabling them to track their individual progress on the same device. The app can run in offline mode. The app has multiple-choice quizzes and further reading materials for each module

Features for CR stations

The app has an open design, much like a oral Wikipedia, allowing any station to add/remove/modify modules without any coding efforts Also, the app allows the branding elements to be customized for each station. Like Logo, Team members etc.

Current Release:

The content in this version is in Hindi and is available for free use under Creative Commons (CC-SA), and has to be loaded through an SD-card.

We, at MixORG, have created a Digital Learning Platform for Training of Community Radio Reporters. This is an Android mobile application for multimedia-based training for individuals interested in running a community radio station or already running one. The App is available in public domain (Radio Saathi) for free use with licensing of content as creative commons (CC-SA). It consists of 6 comprehensive self-learning modules designed for beginners in Community Radio Stations, followed by exercises and quizzes for each module. It further allows for customization at the CR station level by adding / modifying the existing modules and including profiles of members. Designed with audio-visual features useful for people with low or no literacy skills this mobile application has features like offline access to content, analytics, quizzes, and assignments. It will be helpful in engaging more people in CRS operations, as it will impart training on CR basics to them.

For a detailed report of the project click here. For more information on this project, please contact Disha at

To download the content for the Radio Saathi app, click here

or to get the video content for the app on a micro-SD card, write to

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