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MixORG conducted an exclusive two hour awareness session for the students of Shiv Nadar school, Noida, on awareness on cyber security and cyber bullying. The objective of the session was to make students well versed with the cyber threats and attacks that has increased manifold in the past few years.

The highlight of the session was to make students aware of the basic knowledge and terminologies of the cyber threats and encourage them to have basic skills to counter these so that they are safe from cyber predators(cyber bullying).

During this interactive session, the faculty also delivered a presentation about cyber crimes and how to protect themselves from cyber hazards and students were given live examples how to be cautious while browsing internet. Since this session was interactive, students were encouraged to share their internet experience & knowledge.

Sachin Gaur, Director and Dhruv Singh, Security analyst, MixORG were the key resource persons. In two sessions, the students learned about the following:

  • Passwords
  • Cyber bullying
  • Safe browsing
  • Screen time

Faculty also addressed the queries of students related to anti-virus, cyber threats and measures to prevent cyber threats and opting IT as their career. The students enjoyed the sessions as they provided a perfect opportunity to learn valuable information about the field of Cyber Securityand how to use computers safely.

Join us to create a more cyber secure world.

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