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SEO or Search Engine Optimization

It is not all about algorithms! That’s right. SEO has much more to it than just pure search based science. At the end of the day, every business wants more leads , more customers and in turn more business!

We help you achieve the above goals through a structured approach. We first analyse your business, understand your customers, audit your competitors and then apply SEO techniques which are measurable and transparent. Simply put, we grow as you grow! Real SEO is about meticulous planning, execution and reporting.

Our SEO Experts at MixORG endeavor to achieve the best results for you by hand holding you through the laid down SEO process.

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SEM or Search Engine Marketing

A good RETURN ON INVESTMENT – That is what you would want! That is what we would want for you.

MixORG has a very deep analytical approach to run ad campaigns starting from the keyword research, Keyword planning, ad copywriting, CPC optimization strategy, campaign reporting to campaign optimization. MixORG also has been working now for several years with a focus on Healthcare and Education sector giving us a leverage when it comes to know how of search patterns linked to geographies and other critical observations. MixORG also works systematically with search engine players like Google for their programs like Google Partners. Hence, bringing certified knowledge and support from the platform owners to our customers. We just don’t provide results , but we also give you deep insights into your customers which will help your business grow.

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