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STATSIT has been a pioneer in building digital analytics tools and setting up custom data gathering and listening tools for the top brands in the world. MixORG and STATSIT have collaborated for years together already since the early days of social media platforms. The partnership of MixORG and STATSIT makes the best of both the worlds available for our customers.

STATSIT is a leading Social Intelligence company.
We have delivered premium market research services to over 50 of top global 100 advertisers by our local analysts in APAC & EMEA for more than 7 years.

We are on a mission to transform market research to really serve the needs of modern marketers – quick turnaround, high quality, and exceptional investment to value ratio.

We represent the award winning Finnish Data collection and monitoring software POIMAPPER in the South Asia region. Through this partnership we have executed projects in survey segment for USAID, Winrock International. Are you a company which is looking for efficient data M&E solutions with strong data analytics and reporting ? Give us a shout and we will set up a free demo of the POIMAPPER software for your organisational needs and then you can decide to go for full scale deployment.

Collaborate with us for taking up some exciting projects.

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