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Hackathon-as-a-Solution, it is a continuous process of coding, brainstorming and more, with the single intention of identifying solutions to a specific problem statement.

Hackathons are carried out either by putting up a specific problem statement/use case or for a specific domain in which participants are allowed to come up with their idea/solution. Our team of experts has in-depth understanding and experience of conceptualizing and executing successful hackathons across the nation.

To name a few hackathons we have conducted or partnered with.

Smart India Hackathon(SIH)

  • Smart India hackathon(SIH) conducted by MHRD, GoI. We have been a part of the software as well as hardware editions from past three years. As an industry body we have also given an AI problem statement for the students to solve and come up with an affordable solution.
  • We have also supported SIH by being a jury, secretary and now as a chairman of the hardware theme.

Hackathons with Indian universities

Interested in hosting a hackathon with us?

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