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What is a power list?

A power list is a group of influential thought leaders in a field.

Why are we compiling a power list for the cyber industry?

At MixORG, we realised that Cyber Security in India is a niche topic still and we need to acknowledge and celebrate the thought leaders to inspire more young people to join the field. This list will enable the following

  1. Inspire the young talent in the country to pursue a career in cyber security field
  2. Create a positive aspiration among the practitioners to join the hall of fame
  3. Provide a ready reference of thought leaders to industry
  4. Bring forth the best cyber minds to share the trends and important viewpoints
  5. Acknowledge the work of the experts in the power list and improve their visibility

How are we compiling the power list for the cyber industry?

MixORG has come up with a methodology to connect the unconnected dots in the power list of the cyber domain.
The ideation of the development of a cyber security ecosystem was the first step. Following this, MixORG considered following criteria by which a person can be chosen to be part of the power list.

  1. Being a resource personnel for high level conferences / trainings / workshops
  2. Popularity of the person among the high level events as a key resource

Basis the above criteria, MixORG initially has created a database with over 400 people eligible for the power list in 2018. More people will be added from time to time.
For more information one can visit:

Should you be part of this cybersecurity powerlist?

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