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MANCH is a Hindi word that translates as ‘platform’ or ‘forum’. Community Media MANCH is a platform for community media practitioners. It is a platform that will enable community media practitioners across regions to Share, Collaborate and learn from each others’ practice of content creation, community engagement, use of technology, self-governance, and evaluation and share knowledge about many other aspects of their work. The mobile app designed and developed for the MANCH platform, interfaces into an existing web-based system and supports the sharing of audio, video, texts and image content by enabling community media groups to apply a range of creative commons licenses to indicate how they would like their content to be used. The platform aims to assist community media groups to enhance their capacity through productive collaborations with their peers. The app enables the registered community members to:

  • create and share audio, video, image and textual content categorize content based on filters like region, language, indicate sharing permission, topic, etc
  • search for media files uploaded by other members of the community based on specific filters
  • browse media files shared by self over time
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