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The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India has set up the National Health Portal in pursuance to the decisions of the National Knowledge Commission, to provide healthcare-related information to the citizens of India and to serve as a single point of access for consolidated health information. The National Health Portal will achieve the above vision by collecting, verifying and disseminating health and health care delivery services related information for all citizens of India. The NHP mobile app acts as a mobile extension to the National Health Portal Project.

The app features an intuitive UI that makes the access and discovery of health information easy for the rural audience who are predominantly illiterate or semi-literate. This health information service is planned to be deployed in the panchayats that have recently been connected by broadband by the GoI. The solution has been built to work on kiosks as well which can be stationed in various health centers at rural areas. Apart from making health information accessible, the app also suggests the name, location, route and contact information of nearby hospitals to the user, based on his/her current location.

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