Digital Media Marketing

What is a digital platform – It could be anything and everything which runs on technology, chips, web, mobile etc. Life is simpler with digital. Marketing has many forms and one of the most powerful and emerging mediums is digital media. With ever increasing penetration of the Internet, this medium is going to become ubiquitous worldwide. If you have to be in the race, you got to make friends with the world of Digital Media Marketing.

All the above seems interesting and attractive. But, digital media marketing needs proper analysis and planning before implementation. Do not sweat it out! That is why we are here to handhold you in this process. Our team of experts will understand and analyse business case, identify the various suitable digital platforms, plan out an extensive digital media strategy plan based on the existing trends and competitor analysis. Next what, Voila – With our execution on the co-created plan you soon become number one in the game! Not really…Remember, digital media marketing is always about learning and improvising on a daily basis. We are the best not because we understand digital completely, but because we will work with your team to implement the best strategies on digital platforms for your brand.

The varied segments of digital marketing prospects in MixORG are:


Social Media Marketing

Social media being one of the latest and disruptive addition in the digital marketing space has not just emerged as a major discovery platform for brands on the web but has also become important for other discovery channels like search engines.

Social media presence is all about real time and content based marketing. With our planned approach, we research and plan great content strategy implemented through inspiring creatives. Social media is as much about listening as it is about sharing, with our expert community managers we make sure that the brand engages and listens to the online consumers and builds an important feedback channel for the brand.

Our team of expert community managers have built communities from scratch and grown them to a significant size to positively impact business of our clients. We also provide deep insights and tactical interventions to our clients using tools for various analytics. It enables the brand to stay on track and build a deep relationship with their consumer base.

WhatsApp marketing

India is a mobile first country and mobile messaging apps like WhatsApp have given other players run for their money with ease of use to communicate in a country of diverse languages and cultures. Marketers are waking up to the potential of marketing using the mobile messaging applications. As the messaging applications acquire the user base and provide users features for better communication. Marketers need to be on their toes to use instant/mobile messengers for marketing campaigns. One can say that instant messengers give you instant marketing. To be an Instant marketer one needs to learn the nitty gritties of community management on a mobile messaging application and take care of technical elements like creative design customized to mobile screen etc.

Websites and Campaign Microsites

Building a website is a first thing you do on web but the concept of building the same has evolved over the years. Website is often the most central piece of your online presence. With diversity of devices and increasingly people using mobile phones to browse web, it has put web developers on their toes to give a user the best possible experience. With CMS’s like WordPress it has become easy to build a website that can scale and easy to make changes but one needs deep experience to design a website which is easy to navigate, visually rich, complying with web standards and yet optimized for mobile devices and search engines. The other part of building the website is more of an art than science which is how well the brand is visualized and how intuitive it for visitors to share campaign / landing page URLs with their friends on social media etc.  Wondering how your current website is and need professional help in doing the diagnosis, contact us for a free analysis now!


Sending newsletters/emailers have been over the years one of the most cost efficient method to stay in touch with customers. Especially for the e-commerce players. However, the same advantage of sending out emailers have also created too much noise (read SPAM) and hence the ability for an email campaign to stand out is very important. Paying attention to details matter, details like sending time, subject line, size of mailer and continuous tracking of analytics pays in long term. If you need professional help in sending out your next newsletter don’t hesitate to contact us!

Content Research and Development

Storytelling- Digital marketing is all about the story of the brand. We have a team who love to scour through websites, read voraciously, write and market the story of the brand based on the business objectives. Emotions, aspirations are the drivers of brands and our goal is to weave that perfect Harry Potter of a story for you!

Video Marketing

They say an image is more powerful than words. Well ,videos then are the ultimate! We grow to serve our brands audience. Most recently, the video marketing channels have become powerful tools social media marketing. We don’t just take our client’s videos and upload, but work with their team in the design, concept and ultimately shooting the video for them in most digital friendly formats.


Given the years and depth of experience we have with in the MixORG team. We often receive requests from our customers on tactical advise about their marketing strategy, spends and other important decisions. We have developed our framework based on the desk research and practical experience to co-create these strategies and decision makings.


“What can be measured can be improved” -somewhere on the Internet. Yes, you cannot afford to not to measure your activities on digital. There are variety of analytics tools and solutions available in the market place. Folks at MixORG love numbers, we have mastered the art of tools like Google Analytics and others. Setting up analytics in a campaign / website to monitoring it and analyzing the same has become the most important activity any marketing executive has to take in today’s world. Setting up powerful dashboards/reports for the top management is also needed at times in order to save time and arrive on decisions efficiently. Looking for a dashboard or understanding your traffic and need professional help. Don’t hesitate to contact us!