Collaborative robots and Industry 4.0

June 19, 2019

Time: 11: 00 am to 12 : 30 pm (IST)


Cobots or Collaborative robots were created 10 years ago, in Odense, Denmark. As our society evolved, it was a dire need to develop goods and products faster, cheaper and in a safe manner. This brought cobots and industries together. This amalgamation of cobots and industries lead to increased productivity, improved site efficiency, improved operator health, all for higher value-added production.

Moreover, cobotics isn’t limited to the manufacturing industry alone. A cobot can be a driver, a cook, a painter,or a fellow player. Let’s find out how cobots can empower various industries and as far as global competitiveness of the Indian manufacturing sector is concerned, Industry 4.0 is the way to go.



  • Manager level and above from manufacturing and process industries dealing with technical subjects
  • Consultants and Auditors / Assessors of the above domain
  • Academicians
  • Any professional who wants to understand the future of Industry 4.0
  • Owners
  • Product managers
  • Engineers
  • Innovation Officers


11 : 00 AM : Introduction of QCI, NBQP and MixORG and the webinar by the moderator

11 : 15 AM : Presentation by the speaker

12 : 00 PM : Moderated discussion and Q & A session


Pradeep David is the General Manager at Universal Robots, South Asia, and joined the company in October 2015. Based out of Bangalore, he is one of the strong pillars of the company responsible for setting up & running the operations of Danish company in the South Asian market. A qualified expert in robotics and industrial automation, Pradeep is a Masters in Mechanical Engineering (Robotics) from Clemson University, South Carolina, USA and has also completed his MBA in International Business from Marquette University, Wisconsin, USA.


Mr. Pradeep David

General Manager
Universal Robots South Asia

Program coordinator

(+91) 8826258078

Shivesh Sharma



This is Saurav Jha student from shah and anchor kutchhi engineering college thanking you for giving me an opportunity to be part of this awesome webinar I got to learn a few interesting things with this programme… thank a lot
Saurav Jha
The webinar related to Cobots and Industry 4.0 was very informative and enlightening. I commend you on your initiative to conduct such a session.
Umakanth V Sherkhane