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We all witnessed what started on 5th of April 2011 by a single brave man, Anna Hazare and picked up as a national movement. We at MixORG were all the time on our toes to spread the movement using social media as this is what we specialize in.
Also, during the movement and later, we had this huge itching to go into details for doing the analysis of the movement (contribution of social media and how different brands benefited out of it) . So, we started investigating for the different tools available on the web. (I will be sharing the list of tools we used later in the article)
Some of the highlights of the movement from social media point of view:
1. More than 14K tweets during the movement [ Link ] 2. ran a petition campaign, which when I am writing this discussion topic successfully got 500K entries under two days. [ Campaign Link ] One can see what it took for them to achieve this target using different mediums like Facebook, Twitter and Email campaign to achieve this number in a viral fashion.
Analysis of the movement:
1. Power law like distribution: [ Link ] If you search for #annahazare tag on Google and look for real time results you can see a time line. If you choose the month view you can see a clear rise and drop of a power law. However, if you go into deep analysis of every day. You will start seeing a pattern.
a. There was a pattern in the peaks and low in the activity of people which was repeating.
There were three peaks which were again like power law in their nature.

  • Afternoon time around 1 PM
  • Evening time around 9 PM
  • Late night around 1 AM
Time line from Google Search Real time results of #annahazare tag

2. Gains by the organizations who aligned themselves with the movement:
If you use to see the particular twitter handle follower growth. You will notice a significant jump for following handles during the movement days.

  • @Avaaz
  • @ndtv
  • @timesofindia
  • @mtvindia etc on Twitter

MTV growth
If you look at their contribution in the movement in form of tweets you will find them active and quiet influential. Which resulted in higher fan growth for them which otherwise would have taken a month at their normal pace.
Meanwhile, the analysis will continue but I wanted to share this in open and tried to answer the question for myself on ,
how much social media contributed in the victory of this movement? Also, asking the Facebook question on our page : [ link ]. Any thoughts are welcome! What is your take on contribution of social media in fueling this movement?
The other tools we tried were [ Link , Link ] but due to small sample size of tweets. I am not including them in the analysis.

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