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So one fine day, our little office, hidden away in a cool quiet basement in South Delhi found itself ransacked by new faces, a couple of cameras, mikes, stands and the entire related paraphernalia of a shoot! Li’l MixORG was about to be famous worldwide! 24/7 Frames had discovered this little hidden treasure and wanted to make a documentary with us. It had discovered the age old secret: “Good things come in small packages.”

The team wanted to make a documentary of an ideological young man who wished to leverage his knowledge of technology to help rural India. Sachin was chosen as their ‘software hero’, and having received approval from their London office, the shooting crew landed at MixORG one bright March day and turned us budding social-media practitioners into actors! After checking ourselves out in front of the mirror and petting our hair into place, we all sat in front of the camera and the show began.

While we had to strive to forget the cameras and engage in a spontaneous brainstorm session over how we could come up with a Mobile App to benefit the farming community of India, it became slightly difficult after some time, when the shooting crew insisted that each of us repeated our dialogues 5-10 times over, while they took the shot from different angles!

Next up, the camera focused solely on Sachin, and he was asked to just keep nodding his head as if he were listening to the others speak. With none of the others in the frame, this was fun-time for the rest of us. After all, you could ask Sachin for anything right now, and he could do nothing but nod sagely with a serious expression! From free Pizzas to salary hikes, all pending demands were got approved in those few minutes.

However, tables turned immediately as each of the others was caught in the same position. The director wanted ‘nodding’ shots of each of us! Just keeping a straight face for the camera became a challenge for the person in spotlight.

In the middle of all this laughter, teasing and pulling-each-other’s-legs, the shooting crew managed to get a few decent shots. But by the end of it, they looked as amused as if they had just tried to capture a serious exchange between naughty, hyper-active 5-year olds!

As promised by Sachin (willingly or unwillingly), we all did get our free Pizzas. Work had paused for a day, it was true, but each one of us went home with the pride of knowing that MixORG was doing something impactful, and what’s better, we will all be screened on TV! We’re famous!

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