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Facebook’s Custom Audience focused ads, one great way to get the audience who once visited your website to on Facebook . Its one intelligent way to reach well beyond core. This not only opens doors to the new way of product promotion, where we are hitting bull’s eye all due to the customised audience we pitch in that ad. If we know that they need it and we have not way to target them, then we are making a step closer to let them get it. One can use Custom Audiences to invite people to come back to your store, website or app. This tool gives more relevant the connections thus building amazing ROI.

With website custom audience, one can generate ads that target recent visitors to my site and entice to like my Facebook page or sign up for my events and let them traverse through my site and products.
If you think the USP of this powerful tool restricts to this only, then my friends movie is yet over.  Apart from just building the website audience you can also target by specific pages or sections of your website which you think people most visit or you think should be relevant for the campaign.
The process remains same whichever way you create Website Custom Audience; from Power Editor or Ads .

  1. So let’s start with creating WCA using AD MANAGER.
    1. From the Ads Manager, click on Audiences in the left column, then click the “green Create Audience” button.
  2. Create WCA using POWER EDITOR.
    1. Using Power Editor, click Audiences tab on the left side (old design) or click the Ad Tools drop-down at the top right and select Audiences option(new design).
    2. Next, click the Create Audience drop-down at the top left and select Custom Audience.

After the above steps the rest is all common, which ever way you create the audience.

  1.  Now comes very easy and important section of creating the custom audience:
    1. Name your Custom Audience. Be very careful while setting name to your custom audience as this is the name you see everytime when you create an ad.
    2. Fill the other details needed to set the details of your custom audience.
    3. Select the part or sections of your website of which the visitors you want to target. You’ll be able to select Domain, URL or Path you want to put focus on.
    4. Finally, click “View Remarketing Pixel”link at the top of the page. Here you are ready with your doughnut, just left to taste.

Copy and paste that code pixel between the <HEAD> tags of your website’s template in order to put the pixel on every page of your website. Here is all what you wanted, custom audience is ready and the can now be run on it.
By Mansi Sharma / MixORG Team

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