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I have setup a personal goal to myself to blog daily once for next 30 days and share something insightful about the (not so well understood) phenomenon of search engine optimization. In our day to day work we keep hearing from people, if your company offers SEO services? Half of the time I wonder do people really know what this jargon means! But, almost all of them want to buy some keywords and be the number #1 on search results. 🙂
So, I will be aiming to target my counterparts on the other end and educate them as I do myself on my daily discovery about “SEO”
1. Google Webmaster Tool: It has been sometime that we installed the Google Webmaster on our own website and it offers us 2-3 important insights.
a. Search queries against which we feature and our average position against those queries. I have learnt some interesting results by looking into it. Like we come #3 on the query ‘abglp’.
b. Crawl errors: We use wordpress theme in our website and it seems that we had lot of crawl errors in it. Which we tried fixing but some of them we are not able to because of wordpress.
c. Sitemap: We do not have a sitemap for our website and we realized that for SEs it is an important consideration to have one.
“Tip for my marketing manager friends: it is important that you have the webmaster tool configured on your site to know what keywords are bringing in traffic and they are at what position. I think that will bring a bit of objectivity in your SEO efforts! ” 

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