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If you have become comfortable with the idea of online education and looking for some resources on SEO then I have something for you today. I have been myself searching for some resources to train myself continuously. Here is a source of links and courses that I have discovered about search engine optimization. I hope you will enjoy doing them. Please share with us if you discover any other good source so that other readers can also benefit.
1. Webmaster Academy: This course is aiming at people who are setting up their new website. It offers a good checklist of Do’s and Don’ts and links to several resources. It has three modules and each one them has a quiz section where you test your knowledge. It takes only few hours (less than 2) depending on your pace to finish it.
Link to the Google Webmaster Academy Course
Other good resources on Google Webmasters team:
a. Youtube Channel of Google Webmaster
b. Webmasters Forum
c. Webmasters Blog
2. Udemy Course: It looks exhaustive and I have not taken this course but from the demo videos and discussion forum I studied it looked quiet good and exhaustive. It is priced close to 300 USD (287 USD to be precise). They have even send me a 50% discount token when I registered. Will update once I am able to do it.
Link to the Udemy SEO Course
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