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I have to tell you this people! As they say good ideas need to be copied 🙂
Probably, colleague of mine is the first guy to try this way of approaching his valentine. Which is we setup a landing page for a dinner date on our website and linked it to a Facebook Ad. That Ad was customized to our every day conversation and was a sure shot eye catcher. (see the ad below name removed from the title)

I designed the campaign in a way that she will see her if she logs in. Next thing I did was asked her to be online on the V day and had my fingers crossed hoping that she logs in and spots this Ad. (which was today evening)
After which I went for dinner and this is when I got this message that she liked the surprise. So, I was like on cloud nine! So, finally being in social media payed off. So, thanks HER, FB Ads and Prashanth P. in helping me achieve this small goal.
I will be leaving the Ad run for tomorrow entire day and keep the landing page still there now with a post script. It has a like button so click it if you like it and help spread the love.
by Sachin Gaur from MixORG Team

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