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If you create an ad on Facebook and Target for example Delhi. You see close to 48 Lakh people who come in target group. (see the screenshot attached)

If you create an ad on Google and target Delhi (Google shows you only one option for Delhi, which is better ). You see close to 34 Lakh people in the target group. (see the screenshot attached)

So, now we have 14 lakh people extra in Facebook who are not tracked by cookies of Google to be in Delhi. So, where is the problem? Are people filling wrong location information in their profiles in Facebook or Google is not at all used by the extra 14 lakh people we see on Facebook.
Our take is that people have reported the wrong location information. Which means that whenever you advertise on Facebook, people who must not see your advertisement if you have filtered them using geography filters it will not work that great. Especially in the cases when you are trying to do lead generation for businesses you will end up having lot of outstation numbers! (atleast that is our personal experience with lead generation on Facebook, to solve it you need more proxy measures to sharpen your focus on target group)
What really excites us in this not so great Facebook advertisement platform when it comes to geography filters is the opportunity it presents. Now that Facebook is going for IPO they will have all the money to buy out companies and any company which can improve the location targeting for Facebook would be a good item in their shopping list. (atleast in the Indian context we need some work on location targeting)
So, how do you create a double click for the Indian context which Facebook can buy? any ideas?
by Sachin Gaur from MixORG Team

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