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While it is not easy to maintain the blogging discipline. I am making an attempt in this post to list down all things linked to cyber-security I came to know in last few weeks:
1. Earlier this month as Estonian business delegation was visiting the city. One of the company represented in the delegation was GuardTime ( ). The company works in the space of cyber security. The linkage to cyber-security got me interested in the delegation.
Turns out a Prof. from my master studies days from University of Tartu, Estonia is one of the co-founders of the company. They are working on something known as keyless security infrastructure. The impact of their work seems to be huge and they have chosen a model of an open innovation in order to make a dent in the field.

As I get to know more about cyber-security companies interested in Indian market and also thought leaders in the Indian market. I would like to compile a list at some point and circulate it so that it is easy to follow the developments. 
2. In a regular mail that I receive from crunch base there was a mention of ( Threat Stream which seems to crowd source the cyber-security threats and they have raised money from Google Ventures. It sounds interesting from the brief description and I will need to investigate it more and the company is also offering a free public cloud signup. (it reminded me of a Finnish startup similarly trying to crowd source harmful websites known as Web of Trust, WOT)
I also did some more research on crunch base on new companies that are funded in 2014 (last 2 months) and here is the list covering some of the interesting ones:

  2. (automated algorithms for threat alerts)
  3. (crowd sourced threat intelligence exchange)
  4. (live threat intelligence, has also a nice widget on the website for number of attacks country wise, China is leading 🙂
  5. (unified data security platform)
  6. (wireless security solution )
  7.  (endpoint and server security)
  8. (virtual machine based security platform)
  9. (secure communication with RF/NFC tags)
  10. (web application security)
  11. (this one is really interesting, turning SPAM into $$$)
  12. (mobile application security platform)
  13. (security for cloud)
  14. (prevents hardware damage from cyber attacks!)
  15. ( I wrote about this concept to F-Secure in 2008 during my malware course and Mikko H shot it down quoting the USB transfer speed as a bottleneck!, my deck on this from 2009: )
  16. (website and server security)
  17. (mobile data security)
  18. (web security)
  19. (mobile data security)
  20. (team passwords management solution)
  21. (preventing e-commerce fraud using social networking solutions)
  22. (video game security)

So, in nutshell what is the pattern when you browse last 2 months of newly-invested companies:

  • crowd sourcing of cyber security intelligence
  • mobile data security
  • website/end point and server security

3. Apple SSL Bug: There are lot of interesting tweets and other social media updates talking about the latest patch from Apple about their SSL bug. One from my network that  really liked was:
“Don’t worry. The security update used to patch Apple’s iOS SSL authentication flaw will be delivered to you securely via a SSL connection.” – Christopher Soghoian (Taken from Nagasai’s wall!)

So, if you have not yet updated your system. Please do! With all the rising incidents of attacks updating the security patches without delay is the only thing we can do :).

In 2014, MixORG has started a special focus on information dissemination related to cyber-security research and education. We are writing a 5 post series summarizing some of our research focusing on new media threats and opportunities for India #cybersecurityeducationforIndia

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