One of the factors in your search rankings is that how fast your site loads. So, naturally the question is that how fast your site loads. Google has made this nice tool known as page speed insights. In which you can enter the URL of the page and it will give a score to your page out of 100. Not only it does that it also tells you the errors and shows you how to fix them?
Here is the example of MixORG home page speed test. Not that high score! So, we are working to fix it now!
MixORG homepage speed test
Try this page speed test for your website now and share your score in the comments section.
We will cover the optimization details in the next post tomorrow. Where I will also share the what we have discovered in the audit of MixORG website when it comes to images (seems like we could save some bandwidth out there and make the site faster)
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  • Gaurav Dhir says:

    Thank you MixORG for this tip. But the issue is that I can see a low rank for my blog
    Google also gives a list of things to do but they seem to be quite technical in nature. I have a simple WordPress blog. Is there anyway I can get to know the tweaks that I need to do in WordPress or my theme to get a faster site loading time?

    • Sachin Gaur says:

      In our website we realized after looking at our past pictures that we have lot of PNG images. We are planning to change them to formats like JPEG etc so that they are of lesser size. Also, if there is any white space in the image you might want to crop it.
      I do agree that some of the changes are technical in nature and we are also in the process of fixing them. Keep watching the blog as we learn more and share it with the community on how we improve.
      -sachin/mixorg team

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