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Yesterday I shared with you all the tool to analyze the webpage speed and also shared that we as MixORG are not having that high score. So, we are genuinely interested in raising our score. I hope you checked your score?
Now without feeling technically challenged what change is that I can do immediately to improve my score. So, we did an audit of our website. Please refer the image below (click to zoom on the image):

list of different images in the MixORG website homepage

Audit of MixORG website homepage and the list of images

You will realize that most of them are PNG format. which turns out is not the best format to have your images on the website from the size/bandwidth point of view. So, as a next we plan to convert them to jpeg and save on some bandwidth will loading the website.
Also, if we discovered there is any white spaces that can be cropped. We will do that as well. More, on the technical changes as we do them.
If you want the official information on this from Google you can find it here: Link for Image Optimization

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