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Among top 200 universities in the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). 3 Indian Universities stand out which are ranked top performers in these key emerging economies, We have further analyzed them for their social media presence on Facebook. Below is our analysis:

Sno University Facebook  Page Total number of Fans Engagement  Rate Quality Regularity
1. Manipal University 62,744    5 Very good Yes
2. Amity University 1,734,958    3 Good No
3. BITS Pilani 8570    3 Good No

*5 – excellent, 4 – very good, 3 – good, 2 – average, 1 – below average
Manipal University:-
Manipal university is one of the leading universities with a good fan following and presence in south of India.  They cover every detail of their university on the Facebook page and have very good quality in the posting creative and content.  Overall rating to the university page is ‘Very Good’.
Amity University:-
Amity is one of the largest player in North of India, on Facebook it has a huge fan following. The university does not post regularly but each post seems to be supported by Ads and has good number of posts reach. The overall rating of the page is ‘Good’.
BITS Pilani:-
BITS is one of the India known names in the sector, on Facebook they are not so socially active. Simple and crisp updates of campus news and event are posted with less frequency. The overall rating of the college page is ‘Good’.
Do you think it’s important for universities to connect with students and the community via social media? Let us know through your comments.

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