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We at MixORG, wanted to study some of the universities who actively uses Facebook as their official mode of communication. We analysed the QS ranking report of Top universities in the world and picked out the Tops 5 of them as per their ranking.   Here is some information about them:-

SNO University Facebook   Page Country   Total number of Fans          Engagement   Rate Quality            Regularity
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) US 613,508 4  Very Good Yes
2   University of Cambridge UK 1149158 4 Very Good Yes
3 Imperial College London UK 87448 3 Good Yes
4 Harvard University US 4052673 3 Good Yes
5 UCL (University College London) UK 10743 3 Good Yes

After this study our favorite school in terms of users, engagement, and quality – Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of Cambridge are the ones who are more active and attract students on their media pages. They don’t use and quality creative but use language is interesting.
Let us know in the comments,  your views on what do you think about and how important it is for universities to connect with students and the community via social media?

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