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I have set myself a goal recently to identify influencers/books on digital games and their role in learning. In the process I have identified good research groups (Henry Jenkins from USC, Kurt Squire from Wisconsin and James Paul Gee from ASU are some examples)  and in process their works too. My list of the books is having 36 books from 20+ authors. I have already referred to 20 of them and some I am yet to read.
Summary of all this reading seems to suggest that countries will not be unfortunate if they miss out on providing schools to their citizens but the ones who would not be able to plug their citizen to information grid (Internet) through new media such as games etc.
I recently gave a small invited talk on this subject and tried to summarize various view points in one slide. I think the slide is a good summary for me to talk about this topic. Hence, sharing it here and inviting comments from interested parties.
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