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With the markets opening up for global investments, many people are making large investments in buying real estate assets across the globe. India has been an attractive investment option for many HNIs and foreign investors. With raising costs of print advertising and poor return on investments on such spends, Realtors across India are fast embracing new media channels to extend their marketing initiatives overseas.
An average foreign investor often buys multiple properties or keeps rotating his investments quite frequently. It becomes important for serious Realty brands to build a relationship with their clients and establish a sense of trust. Social media channels have played a crucial role in forging these relationships and building a community for these Realty brands.
There is more to the digital revolution apart from just social media. Any brand’s digital strategy will have to consider the various online channels available today to connect with their potential clients. A holistic approach that ties all the various channels together will be of great value add to any brand. We executed a short term project for one such raising Realty brand in India, the Orris Infrastructure. We took Orris through a rapid transformation from a conventional brand to a contemporary one.
Real Estate client : Orris Infrastructure
Duration : 5 months
Work executed for client:
Facebook and LinkedIn:

  • Established and grew the community of Orris infra within Delhi NCR region to 33000 within 4-5 months
  • During this period we achieved and sustained a high engagement metric among the fans
  • Roughly about 3% of the community participated in some engagement every month
  • Designed and ran ‘ The Dream Home‘ campaign which received over a few thousand signups
  • Created / Curated and content around realty sector in the areas of upcoming infrastructure developments, vaastu, interior design, architectural design
  • Promoted ongoing projects of Orris using Digital ads(Curiocity project)
  • Built up a community of 300 followers on LinkedIn during the given timespan

Orris Website:

  • Complete Overhaul and re-design of website
  • Shift towards a CMS platform with a strong blog focus
  • Attention to design and aesthetics of the website to reflect the ‘Luxury’ segment focus of the brand
  • Built a visually rich and engaging website to drive in high levels of engagement
  • The brand’s values of trust and excellence brought out through carefully crafted website copywriting


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