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MixORG Consulting Pvt. Ltd. assures complete privacy to all the information that we collect on behalf of our clients.
We strive to ensure that we have the best practises in place when it comes to data gathering, processing and the way it is being used. With time some of our privacy policies are bound to change and we strongly advise the application users to regularly visit this link to stay updated on the policy changes. If you have any concerns regarding our Privacy policy, we request you to get in touch with us at
We understand that the information that an user shares with us, may at times be sensitive and we employ appropriate security measures to ensure that the information isn’t subjected to any compromise. Through the use of SSL technology, all data that is shared with us through our various apps is immediately encrypted and is not prone to any compromise. The security practices that we have in place adhere to the accepted industry standards and assures both our application users and our clients that their data is in safe hands.
We disclose the information that you provide us through our applications to only the organisation on whose facebook page or website you gave the information in the first place. The information shall not be shared with any other 3rd party and the information gathered will only be used to get in touch with the user or to share promotional material or offers. We have a strong policy that protects our users from spams and other unrelated junk mails.
If you require any further information about our privacy policy, please mail us at

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