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Aditya Birla Group Leadership Programs offer prestigious employment to the finest Business School Graduates in India. Till date, the programs were primarily being branded offline on campuses. However, ABG having lately decided to make a move towards online branding through social media, hired MixORG to drive the campaign.
In the online sphere, ABGLP existed in the form of their website. To bring them on a social networking website, MixORG created a Company Page for ABGLP on LinkedIn. Targeted advertisements were then run on both Facebook and LinkedIn to create top-of-the-mind recall with repeated ad impressions. Further, these ads served towards driving traffic to the ABGLP website and LinkedIn page.
Leveraging on the various features that a LinkedIn company page offers, visitors to the page were engaged through attractive banners, videos and relevant information. Further, the viral nature of the social media platform was tapped into by allowing for programs and the page to be ‘Shared’ and ‘Recommended’.
In the ten days that the ads were run on each platform, it received close to 1.9 million impressions. Around 1500 people clicked through the ads and arrived at the landing pages. All this was achieved in a modest budget. The campaign was thus, a success. The execution of it involved some innovations and experimentations in the field which led to useful learning for future campaigns. It also served as a good introductory experience for ABG in their first attempt at tapping into social media.
As next steps, ABGLP can also use the LinkedIn portal MixORG created for uploading job postings, enabling job application processes and engaging with job-seekers. In addition, they can increase their presence on more social network platforms.
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