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While reading already for two weeks and trying some optimizations there are few things I have realized that impact my SEO using wordpress.
They are:
a. My blog title becomes my page title: we were not really writing our blog headings from the point of view of Google Search Engine indexing them especially when they were going to be my page titles as it is. Also, my theme is not offering me to change the page title. So, for a novice user the best bet is to use the important keywords in the beginning of the blog post title. Think not just about the topic of blog post but also how people would search that they should find this piece.
Important Note: I am assuming that most of us are not trying installing plugins which probably can do that.
b. My template is not using the meta tag description : If I look at the source of my page header while I can find the page title tag but not the description tag. 🙁
Also, the Facebook tags one of my plugin is automatically generating for the description tag for open graph is first line of my blog post. So, until I am planning to install a plugin that I can write a description tag for each of my post wordpress seems to not to give me that option.
So far I have found in my reading that that these two elements: Page Title and Description Tag play a very important role in indexing of my pages.
by Sachin Gaur / MixORG Team

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