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Copenhagen Capacity along with the Youth Goodwill Ambassador (YGA) Corp. organised a series of events in Chennai to promote Denmark as a destination for higher education and work. The event was scheduled for the 29th and 30th of March, 2014. These days being the weekend, the event was aptly named ‘Danish Weekend’. The event was designed to have a good mix of both informational as well as cultural elements that brought exposure to Denmark. 2 YGAs shared their personal experience of studying in the country and took questions from the audience. Representatives from Danfoss and Novozymes, two Danish companies with operations in India, presented their company and talked about their current focus and future directions within India.
Scope of Project

  • Research and draw an engaging content strategy for both Country branding and Danish education branding
  • Build and engage a niche community on Facebook
  • Target people from ICT, other technological sectors and Life Sciences
  • Utilise the online community platform to create awareness about the Danish weekend event
  • Utilise event pages to drive sign ups and generate database of potential students for future engagements
  • Popularize the Youth Goodwill Ambassador Youtube channel by driving online traffic to it

Read the complete report here – Study in Denmark- Case study (Public)

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