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At our office we are often working on the same problem. Creating apps/campaigns which can give a viral component. We have a need to templatize this approach for everything we do as a social media startup.
One is forced to think a bit more on the theory of what makes the social networks click! While there might be already 1000’s of explanations and theories on this subject.
So, we have been using this phrase in our office breaking the equilibrium. The apps that we make, what feature we will put in them,  that it will break the equilibrium. Equilibrium of users and the system, enabling more transactions!
To illustrate the same my favorite example is the LinkedIn’s feature of “Who’s viewed your profile”. Whenever I login to my LinkedIn account I go and check that who has viewed my profile and click on their profiles and leave my footprints in their account. Whenever I do that I break the equilibrium! I do not have statistics on the usage of this feature in the LinkedIn’s over all usage but I am sure that it plays a vital role in keeping the network active. So, is the newsfeed of Facebook and many other features of many other apps and networks we use.

What is your favorite feature that you want to build to break the equilibrium ?

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