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When in the HTML of a webpage you find, it is using something like ” <meta name=”Keywords”……………” that’s when it means the webpage is trying to talk about the keywords of the page.
If you (Google) search on the usage of the keyword tag and its impact on search engines, it is zero! Still it seems many people are obsessed about using it! Maybe, some people are still not aware that it is having no impact.
However, when I was doing my daily reading on the SEO topic so that I can share it through these blog posts I figured out an interesting angle. That is if some website is still in the habit of using these meta tags of keywords. A competing website can study it and understand that for what search terms the website is trying to rank in the search results!
So, maybe next time you are visiting your competitors website try open the source HTML of the page and search (Ctrl+F) for ‘keywords’. If you find something maybe it is worth noting!
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