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Working day in day out with curious clients, I am often being asked about the impact of our services to our clients bottom line and top line. Since, we try to measure everything we do and try to take a lesson from every campaign we do. I have come up with this visual representation of the impact of our work.

When we set up a community for our customers that becomes a source of traffic because of the engaging content. So, we have to track very closely these two metrics (growth of the community and engagement of the community). The engagement with the content generate brand impressions which in turn generate visits to the client portal/website.
If the content strategy is right and the landing page for the client website is also apt. What we get is leads which directly adds value to the client business. From our last 2+ years of experience. We are able to get a click on an advertisement on Facebook like medium for INR 5-6 rupees which gets acquired as a fan for almost the same amount and almost a website visit and with every 10 visits we get the desired business goal in terms of the lead for admission/registration etc. We also get the feedback from our clients on the conversion of leads to actual business. Typically which is 25% when the leads are of good quality. So, if the lead is INR 100 than the actual customer acquisition turns out to be INR 400 from the digital channel (not including the sales person cost)
Please share with us if you have other interesting ways to measure the impact of digital work!
-Sachin/ MixORG Team

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