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External Talks [ 3.30 pm, Silicon Valley]

“Do you have any idea Frank,” Maria grabbed her 4th glass of orange juice, “tomorrow we have to present our modified site to our chairman, and if he doesn’t like it, we will lose our job”

“Please, don’t be panic, nothing will happen. We know we have done a good job and the blueprint was already accepted by the chairman. I would rather say that the company which is designing and developing it, know this site better than us…”, said Frank

“Wait! What do they know? Tell me, what did they do? They are just just… Anyway, I don’t think they are good for anything. It is us who has done everything. We chose the layout, we chose the font, we wrote the copy, we gave them the images. They just coded it, which is their job? What is development? Just some lines of code and fixing bugs that’s it… We are the business development guys and you know who we are? We were the second rung students from the same school where the developers were the top rung students. And today we are the client. We instruct them and they do as we say… We are the boss, we are paying them.”

“Ahh… so you are getting proud?” Frank asked, surprised.

“Yes, why not?”

“See, Maria”, Frank put down the cigar, “I think you are exaggerating. We have to accept that these guys have contributed. They have done all the meeting before the project started, taking everyone in the loop who were involved directly with the project.”

“Its their duty, isn’t it?”

“Exactly. And we have our duties too. They have already conducted meetings, asked about our plan, set deadlines. But sometimes we have to understand them too. Where they are getting stuck, what’s their problem. Can you consider it? Its all about a healthy relationship not just  business”

“Frank, we are a separate company. We just have to push them to meet the deadlines. That is our job. That is how we earn our money, right!!!”

“Yes, but professionals fail sometimes, and we are both professionals here. If we have any misunderstandings, we must clear them lest the project dies.”

“I am not getting you, seriously. I am sorry but what I think is that they have to make the project perfect because they are being paid for it. There are so many companies in the market which can do things in 30 minutes. Why do we have to pay those who do the same in 3 days?”

“Just because they know what we need. Anyway why are we fighting? The project is done from their side. We now just have to present it. I hope the chairman will like it.”

Let’s hope so!!!cheers.

[The room is filled with the essence of wine and cigar, the night has already passed. They are watch the first rays of light from the 31st floor of a 102 storey tower somewhere in Silicon valley. There is always a cold war  between clients and agencies… Will that be the key to the evolution of something new… I think change wins everywhere]

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