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the night dream [ 1.30 pm, delhi, 2012]

“Ohh! That is pretty cool, nice to know that you are a designer, that too, a Graphics Designer. What do you design? Can you design Tom and Jerry?

“No… “

Ohh! can you design a wooden sculpture?

“No… “

“Ohh! Not an issue. You must be into sketching?”

[Long Sigh] “No, I can’t. I told you I am a graphics designer.”

“Well, well. I think you are flooded on a weekly basis with deadlines, great designer talks, workshops, inspirational stories and self making pocket philosophy. Is it so? Do you ever think what design is? Is that what your clients think? What do you learn?”

“Sorry. I think you are getting me wrong.”

“Perhaps, but ask yourself, do you discuss with your client freely when you want to design something? Or even with your teammates?

“Yes, I do. But sometimes clients change everything midway. Where are the ethics of designing? ‘I don’t like green font over red background.’”

“What do you feel?”

“I get depressed. But is there any other option?”

“try to search for the answer” and Karel Štěch disappears.

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