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Ten weeks in MixORG.

An exciting internship.

An unforgettable family.

It doesn’t seem long back that I blogged about my first day at a Social Media Marketing company. Fascinated by the fact that ‘work’ now meant Facebooking and office meant two chaotic rooms brimming with life and ideas. Time sure did fly by. And now it’s time to say goodbye.

As I reminisce about these ten weeks, I marvel at the breadth of experiences I have had here. I came as a blog-writer. Along with my job, I wrote a few case-studies, managed online communities, handled online marketing campaigns for an e-commerce portal, interviewed prospective interns, covered a music festival on Social Media and pursued corporate proposals. Not to mention my daily job of making tea and coffee for the entire office (completely voluntary!) And this is something that can only happen in a start-up, where you are not confined to limiting job descriptions, enclosed cabins, rigid practices and stifling hierarchies.

No. This is an office where the boss demands that you disagree with him and question his statements. This is a place where people proactively share their knowledge and expertise. This is a workspace where before every big decision, everyone gets together to brainstorm. Targets are set together. Achievements are celebrated collectively.

As I say goodbye, I feel grateful to:

 Sachin, for always challenging me to do more and better; and for being the driving force behind all my achievements here

Gaurav, for showing me a whole new world of e-commerce and teaching me what it takes to completely own a project like one’s own baby

Prashanth, for patiently explaining me ‘analytics’ and helping me see sense in numbers and graphs

Alok, for helping me understand online advertisements and social recruiting, along with cheering me up whenever I felt low

Richa, for welcoming me with open arms into her world of online communities and always willingly sharing information

Vimal, for teaching me the practical aspects of HR, the benefits of Green Tea, and most importantly, for inspiring me through his actions to be generous and large-hearted

Subinoy and Shyam, for making me appreciate how very important art is to support technology and innovation

Poonam and Divyanshi, for working on endless iterations without a complaint, to make my visions come true through programming

It has been a joy working with MixORGians, and even though I am pained to leave, I have no doubt that I will always be part of this family.

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