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As an entrepreneur, very often you work with people who you think do not justify the time and money that you invest in them. Letting them go is also a very painful decision because of the time and money that you have already invested. But, what pains the most is the fact that at times, some people are not willing to learn despite all the chances in the world. But then, as they say, do not throw good money after bad.

And yes, at times, you get pleasantly surprised with people who go out of their way to contribute. They consider their company as their own baby. They are willing to learn and change and take up the jobs that might not be strictly in their job description.

I feel it is the latter who will end up as the successful ones. They will be the ones who will lead from the front, set examples and be loved by those around them. It is these people who are the life blood of any organisation. Which face do you recollect whom you can turn to in your company when you need something? Which hand do you remember shooting up all the time when there is something to be done?

Wrapping my reverie with this small couplet that I remember as a part of a prayer from school:

“For it is in giving that we receive. It is in pardoning, that we are pardoned. And it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.” -Saint Francis of Assisi

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