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We got an invitation from PK (also our technical advisor)  for CERC’s 1st national seminar conducted at IIIT Delhi on the 25th March, 2014. The seminar was not just confined to the people present physically but also included a virtual audience from across the country via NKN (National Knowledge Network). A live tweet streaming wall was also present, where people who could share their thoughts and queries.
Sudhir Oberaoi, head of niche products, at TCS, was the speaker at the event. The topic of the seminar was “INTERACTION PARADIGMS OF FUTURE and SECURITY CHALLENGES”.
our speaker listed two main points:

  1. Work Finding Worker
  2. Bits meet Atoms

The speaker elaborated the first point of “WORK FIND WORKER” stating that with the growth of Internet and smart device usage, the work has got a direct path to reach the worker. Now one is never away from work, as the smart devices with its Internet capability, makes your workspace available to you anywhere anytime. He explained all his views with a flow diagram of NEXT GENERATION WORKSPACE.

Next generation workspace

Next Generation Workspace

He summed up the above discussion on “Work Finding Worker” with a statement that the nature of applications (web and mobile) are becoming important to get the job done.
“BITS MEET ATOMS” is what the speaker highlighted after “Work finding Worker”. Under this section he stated CYBER SPACE IS A PHYSICAL CONTINUUM. We are getting connected to new applications, where we or our physical parameters interact with BITS i.e the digital world (Smart devices connected to the Internet).
Seminar’s second part was dedicated to the SECURITY CHALLENGES we are facing currently and methods of overcoming them.
Mr. Oberoi classified the security challenges as follows:

  1. Data protection challenge
  2. Identity management challenge
  3. Application security
  4. Accountability

Out of these four he crowned accountability as a GRAND CHALLENGE.
Being in Cybersapce, data protection is first and foremost concern.
In the electronic world people cannot make out original from a photocopy (fake), said Mr. Oberoi. So, the identity challenge is very crucial.
As our future interaction includes human interacting with the digital worldvia applications thus, application security is also a big challenge in making.
Why Accountability is awarded with a tag of GRAND CHALLENGE is because we need individuals or  community to take responsibility of their actions in cyberspace.
The speaker wrapped the seminar by putting measures for overcoming the security challenges:

  1. Explore function encryption for countering the data protection challenge.
  2. Using multi-factor authentication technologies to counter identity challenges.
  3. To form INTERNET GOVERNANCE POLICY for solving the grand challenge of accountability.

To me the summary of the seminar was , ‘with changing interaction methods we need to have security  as an integral part of our culture’.
By Mansi Sharma / MixORG Team

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