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About the Brand

Medanta – The Medcity, a well known super speciality hospital based out of Gurgaon, is recognised for its state of the art infrastructure, cutting edge technology and accessible & affordable healthcare.

Campaign Summary

With growing concerns about obesity and diabetes, the ‘Run from Obesity and Diabetes’ Campaign aims to create awareness about these diseases among people of all age groups living in the Delhi NCR area. The campaign had several mini run ranging from 2-5Km depending on the age bracket one fell under. The campaign was a huge success with over 1600+ people joining in for the run. Post the run there were also short orations about the adverse effects of obesity on health, prevention of obesity in adults & children and medical management of obesity by a panel of doctors.

Channels used in the Campaign

Facebook and Twitter

Strategy and Planning

Promotion of the campaign both online and offline had kicked off a few weeks prior to the event. Since the run was open to people between the age groups of 13-60, our obvious choice of platform for promoting the event online was facebook. The plan was to get the event to people living in the Delhi NCR area. We started off by reaching out to self organised running groups in the city and told them about the run. Many of these groups communicated with their members through closed facebook groups and they were quite excited about the run and shared it with their members. Registrations for the run opened up both online and at the hospital. A highly targeted Ad campaign further grew the reach of event.

Apart from creating awareness about Obesity and Diabetes, the campaign also wanted to educate people about various treatment options available for morbidly obese people. A clear content strategy was put together for this and the topics included the adverse effects of obesity, tips for a healthy living, facts & myths about obesity, knowledge of bariatric surgery and stories of patients who had successfully undergone the surgery previously.


An online registration form was put up on the community page. Many excited participants enrolled for the run online. On the day of the event our team was at the start line to cover the event online, both on facebook and twitter. Many people returned to the community page to check out pics from the event. The content added value to people and hence saw considerable engagement. Although the intent was to simply create awareness, the content also provoked questions and enquiries from people.

Impact and Outcome

  • The campaign received a good response online with many people expressing their interest in joining the run. The online channels also opened up registrations making it easy for people to register themselves and their friends. The campaign grew through word of mouth and in less than two weeks the facebook page had added a little over 400 fans.
  • The community members had created over 5900 stories about the campaign.
  • Content related to the campaign had reached over 175,000 people in the 2 week period and roughly 780 people engaged with the content.

Medanta - Run from Obesity and Diabetes

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