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A closer look into how Social Media has helped a leading Healthcare Provider to add personality to their brand
The future of Healthcare, seems to me, highly inter-knitted with social media. As health care providers begin to expand their services and focus beyond local demography, there arises an intermittent need for a platform/channel that can help them drive awareness of the brand and expand their brand’s visibility.
The word of mouth phenomenon has been a major factor in building brand value for players in the health care space.  At a certain juncture, health care providers look at how they could build a community, earn their trust by adding value to the community, influence them through open discussions and finally convert them as their evangelists. With conventional communication channels, this had been a challenge, often requiring high investments in both time and money. However, the advent of Social media has brought with it a paradigm shift in the way healthcare brands connect and engage with their audience.
MIOT International, a premier health care provided in India, uses online social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, etc to build a community for itself. The hospital connects with its patients and well wishers across the globe and uses its social presence extensively to share health care information for public good and general news about what’s happening at the hospital. Being one of the first few healthcare players in India to embrace social media, the hospital believes in being ahead of the curve and keeping an open mind  when it comes to embracing new technologies or platforms.

  •  The community has grown to a staggering 50,200 fans so far, in the last 8 month.
  • 30-40%  of the blog’s monthly traffic comes as aresult of the blog’s discovery on Facebook and further through sharing and liking of posts by other Facebook users.
  • The hospital now receives a large number of enquiries from outside the country, especially from the Middle East and Africa requesting them for consultations and about specific treatment options.
  • Being a hospital that sees many patients come in through healthcare tourism , the hospital has been able to leverage Facebook to connect with these patients who seek medical guidance.
  • On a day to day basis, MIOT International’s branded health content receives an average of 6500  views.
  • The page adds between 300-600  fans every month as a result of its rich content and engagement.
  • The page’s content experiences an organic reach of approximately 120,000  unique users on Facebook every month.
  • The hospital’s youtube channels that hosts several health talks has over 25,000 views.

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