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With enrolments to European Universities soaring every year and roughly 90% of the students between the age group of 18-26 years actively using one social network or another, Aalto University School of Science looks towards Facebook to extend its visibility and to attract the top talent from across the globe. MixORG helps the university to build and engage a community of students online with the aim of building an aspiration among prospective students to be a part of the Aalto University brand. Through creative content crafted by the community manager and brought to life by the designer, through light hearted conversations that engage the fans, through highly targeted ads that arouse curiosity about the University and its programs; MixORG has helped the University along the way with its uptake of social media and its online brand building. The new communication channels and its innovative use has brought the University exemplary results that have exceeded their own expectations.


  • The community on Facebook grew to a staggering 24,000+ fans in less than 6 months since its inception
  • A record-breaking amount of applications to its Master´s programmes. Aalto University -School of Science saw a 22.8% increase in applications compared to last year.
  • The University has been able to successfully reach students outside the country using Facebook. This has resulted in a huge cost saving for them. In the absence of a social platform the University would have had to spend a significant amount of money in education fairs and country visits by university staff.
  • On a day to day basis, Aalto University – School of Science’s branded content shared on Facebook receives roughly 2000-3500 views.
  • The page adds between 3000-5000 fans every month as a result of ads, creative content and community engagement.
  • The page’s content experiences an organic reach of approximately 678,000 unique users on Facebook every month.
  • 14500+ people engage (share, like, comment) with the content posted on the Facebook page every month.
  • The Facebook Ads targeted roughly 2.2 Million people who fit our target audience. The Ads received over 30,000 clicks that directed students to the University’s Facebook page for joining the community.

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