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cmCommunity manager is the face of the company. He is the one who handles the incoming and the outgoing communications for them. The one, who builds, grows and manage communities around the brand or for a cause. A community manager can serve various roles community building, research, design and the most important of all, the content.

Did anyone call CM??

A community is not much about tweeting, facebook profiles or pages, social IM’s, blogs. Instead it’s about the discussions, engagement, people, groups & ideas, and with connections & networks.

What do we do?

A community manager we are usually multitasking in the roles we play. Starting from content, design & style to building a brand. The most important of all are the few:

 1. Research:

Constant research is one thing which we need to do. Keeping ourself updated about what’s happening in field and what are the trends are coming up which can be implemented accordingly.

 2. Connect:

Connecting with the community, engaging them (with applications, games, questions like did you know) making sure that a relationship is build.

 3. Experimenting:

As new ideas are being shared and new trends coming up, we are free to experiment on the different posts created. A risk is taken, as we don’t know when that idea gets clicked and fails.

 4. Listen:

Listening is a very important part in community engagement. There are always queries or information being asked. Responding to them adds value to the community or to the page. Sometimes there can be feedback from the people in form of an acknowledgement or a complaint, no matter what the message is, replying is a must.

 5. Brand Building:

By research, connecting, experimenting and communication lead to brand building. Crisp content, good engagement, attractive design will help the page to increase the brand.

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