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Using the power of Likes/Shares/Comments/Votes/Answers/Endorsements and what not!
Pitching for social media to a brand we always highlight the point that this new media is two way compared to the traditional media (broadcast). While this term might be abused in usage but still it we haven’t really tapped the power of two way media.
On different types of user contribution. User generated content, curation etc
What we have seen in wikipedia is a small example of one kind. What we seen in our Facebook/Youtube is another on discovering new content through social curation. We keep discovering ‘Gangnam Styles & Kolaveri D’s’.
Here comes everybody
I read this very interesting article from NYT on a story from China of Internet users finding an animal abuser. There are so many other stories on similar lines. Clay shirk has written a book on the whole phenomenon by the name of “Here Comes Everybody”. Even I have managed to track few stories from the Indian context and shared previously on our blog.
So what is the big deal about it? What is your app’s social currency?
So, next time you are designing your web application or mobile application think about it. How will you involve your users to crowdsource something of value using their cognitive surplus (jargons by Shirky !) . What does your application ask them to do that can add value to the next guy. A like , a vote, an endorsement, a reference, a retweet, a share. What will be the  social currency of your application which will help find community  ‘a needle in the hay’
My example from everyday life
When I go everyday to home. I find lot of other car drivers irritating who are not following rules on the road. Can we have a possibility for every car on a road to like/dislike a car when in its vicinity. Can that reputation (of a car) be shown to public. Will that incentivize people to drive sane? What are your thoughts on it?

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