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We agree that Social Recruiting is the way to go. We have also seen the various Social Media platforms that we can leverage on. So before we take the plunge in this latest trend, here’s the final post in this series on Social Recruiting: tips and tricks for Social Recruiters.

Be Professional!

Hire a Social Media Agency: they create and maintain professional profile pages for you, as well as attractive and easy-to-use job search Applications. Furthermore, the portals and pages need constant monitoring and tracking. An agency dedicated to this task is the best bet for you. MixORG is one such agency that is currently handling Social Recruiting for reputed organizations.

Think before you speak

Content on your social media portals is very important as this is what job-seekers may rely on to judge your brand. Hire excellent Community Managers to manage the content and relations with the community


Keep your audience engaged by giving them what they want: a glimpse into what life would be like if they join your organization

Be Polite

Even if you don’t plan to hire someone, be polite. Negative comments about your company can go viral faster than positive ones

Privacy Problem

If you’re scanning a potential employee’s Facebook or Twitter page to form an impression on him, double check the laws of the land: privacy issues could easily arise

Are you Listening?

Don’t just tell prospective job-seekers what you want, listen to them as well. Read and monitor their comments and discussions on each job posting. This helps you answer specific queries and you may learn a lot about how you are perceived as a potential employer


I’m lovin it!

Nothing works better than first-hand testimonials. Encourage your existing employees to talk positively about their work experience

All set? Now we know why we should opt for social recruiting, which Social Networks should we use for job postings and some tips and tricks for beginners in this field. Don’t wait! Get started, and if you need any help, MixORG is there to support you.

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