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Studymate, an initiative led by Hindustan Times to provide CBSE-based tuition to students of Class IX to XII ran the ‘Hum se Poocho’ campaign last year for board students. They operated from their website alone. This year, they hired MixORG to extend the campaign through Social Media, hoping to reach out to larger audiences and increase the uptake of their helplines.
While Studymate took up the offline strategy of tie-ups with Schools, engaging expert teachers for the helplines as well as print media publicity, MixORG took charge of the online strategy and execution. The website and Facebook page were populated with a lot of relevant content that ranged from sample papers and board exam solutions to examination tips and tricks.
Through a host of posts and apps, the Facebook page engaged all the stakeholders in the campaign: the students, their parents, the teachers, Studymate officials and partner schools. Started towards the end of February and run during the Board Exam season of March 2012, the campaign was an immense success. The Apps, posts and other content posted during the period saw a whopping 1.3 million views in just that one month of its run.
Students and parents were quite grateful for the constant support they had received. The campaign, to summarize, was an immense success. It met the key objectives of increasing the reach of the Hum se Poocho helpline usage as well as high consumption of the sample and Board paper solutions. Furthermore, the campaign engaged students in an effective way wherein, the target group did not just receive information, but began stepping forward and sharing information or demanding it.
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